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HP leads the way in Event Correlation & Analysis: Gartner Says So!

HP leading the way in Event Correlation & Analysis: Gartner Says So!

Download the PDF here: http://www.idgconnect.com/idgconnet/research_item/4777?

As a HP Software advocate and HP Solution Partner, I am proud to put together this article for your reading pleasure. I came across this white paper a few weeks ago, and wanted to share it with my fellow colleagues in the enterprise management domain. I know the article references some data which is 1 year old, however the as described in the document, research takes place on a yearly or bi-yearly basis. Before discussing the ECA and how HP has emerged as the leader, allow me to describe what the Gartner Magic Quadrant is.

According to Wikipedia here the is the definition

The Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) is a proprietary research tool developed by Gartner Inc., a US based research and advisory firm. According to Gartner, the Magic Quadrant aims to provide a qualitative analysis into a market and its direction, maturity and participants, thus possibly enabling a company to be a stronger competitor for that market

Their analysis are conducted for several specific technical industries and are updated every 1 – 2 years. A few weeks ago, I came across an interesting article which directly impacts my day to day business and raison d’être in the IT industry. As geeky as that may sound, I am proud to share the data of this article. The revelation of being associated to a Vendor who is a leader and innovator in their domain is a true honor. For those of you who live and breathe enterprise management and strive to make organizations a lot more conscious of the management required to manage our IT

ECA – Event Correlation & Analysis

Customers keep saying. We don’t’ want symptomatic information, give us causal information. We want the root cause! We want actionable items sent to our operational staff. Suppress the noise and the fluff! Give us meaningful data!

As described in the document.  ECA products help IT operations personnel contend with the deluge of events that come in from the IT infrastructure by eliminating duplicate event signals, filtering events according operational or business priorities and analyzing events to determine root cause.

Here is a diagram describing the Magic Quadrant and demonstrating HP as the clear cut leader when it comes to Event Correlation and Analysis Solutions.

With HP’s effective and comprehensive ability to manage both the Physical and Virtual IT infrastructure assets, as well as various operating system platforms, HP has emerged as the leader in ECA. Please read through the entire document to understand the pros and cons when considering an ECA solution. Gartner has done a fantastic job of dissecting the various solutions and providing detailed facts about what the market has to offer.

Thanks for reading.

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